Tray Everything


Shrink your windows down to a small icon next to the clock


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There are more and more programs that use the area closest to the clock, the toolbar, to offer quick and intuitive access to their main window. Some examples include Windows Live Messenger or antivirus like BitDefender or Norton.

However, there are many other applications that don’t offer this function, which could be a vital improvement.

If you have ever thought of this, Tray Everything can be the program that you have been looking for. It is a free application with which you can minimize windows on the toolbar, even when the windows don’t pertain to an application that supports this function.

Tray Everything shows in one window all the open windows in your session. You can choose whether to minimize the windows by clicking on them.

It comes with the ability to group windows of the same program into one icon or to minimize them in the toolbar directly from its interface.
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